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Posted By Rhino on 05/10/14 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


having a bigger cock can be a problem. Particularly when you are getting blown by a girl that doesn’t know how to keep from gagging. Not that gagging is a bad thing. It feels good having a girls throat constrict around your fat cock. More to the point, though, it sucks when a girl can only get half way down your prick. has plenty of girls like Britney who can bring you to heaven and back using only their mouths. Watch the big dick blowjob videos to see just how deep she can take you into her throat!

Fellatious has free video samples that play in any modern browser. You can watch them on a computer, a cell phone (even on iPhones), tablets including the iPad, or on your HDTV using an XBox or other set top box like the Roku. The HTML5 compliant MP4 videos leave your options open. Wide open, just how you like it.

The blowjob videos are shot point of view style so it is as if she is working your happy Johnson. Loaded onto an HDTV it is an experience that is truly larger than life!

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