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Posted By Rhino on 03/20/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


Don’t let a woman’s politeness fool you when it comes to the discussion about cock size. Size really does matter. The bigger the better! Sure, they might not always want a huge cock that turns their uterus on its side, but every now and then, they want to go big! SUPER BIG!

At Big Dicks Tight Fits they go big or go home. If a guy shows up to the set packing a pencil dick he is not going to make it into that days video. Girls at Big Dicks Tight Fits show up to experience handling the biggest cocks in the industry!

Everything was kosher for Stephani until it was time to try and deep throat this guys meat rope. She practically strangled herself as his wide girth meat got lodged in the poor girls throat!


When it was time to work his juicy dick into her tight snatch things got a little heated as friction built up. Soon, however, her natural lube kicked in as her excitement peaked. She had never ridden a cock this large before and it felt amazing!

Well, until he started thrusting his tool balls deep in her tightness. You can actually see her uterus pushing against her stomach wall as he crams her full of his big cock meat!

The Reality Gang is giving you exclusive access to their entire network for one low price. Sites like Big Dicks Tight Fits make this pass a keeper. Your pass also includes more big cock sites like the Donger Bros!

Get the full video at Big Dicks Tight Fits!

Posted By Rhino on 03/01/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks

Who is this guy getting his 9 inch big cock sucked by Tasia Banx?

Ahh… I should have guessed. The Jurassic Cock himself, Ron Jeremy!

Hey, say what you will about this old fart, he has banged more hot babes with that nine inch cock of his than you ever will… and he still is. LOL

Ladies in porn have been blessed with the edition of the MILF genre. Before the Reality Kings made MILF a household term with their site MILF Hunter nobody wanted to see older ladies in their porn. These days that has all changed… but why should women be the only ones getting a second lease on their porn life?

With Jurassic Cock it is the guys turn. They unleash their big cocks on young pussy and let nature hash it all out. You are probably thinking the only reason these girls are sucking that old cock is to make some cash. Well, that is half true. But just look at Michael Douglas. At age 67 he is still hanging one of the hottest babes in Hollywood!

Some girls have a thing for older men!

True story… I went to help my daughter out with some paperwork at her college the other day. While waiting in line a couple of girls walk up and start getting chatty. Then one of them just comes out with it… She wanted to know if I wanted to take her out. WTF?

I am telling you. Certain girls have a mold in their head for what the perfect guy is and it isn’t somebody that is tall dark and handsome. It is somebody that reminds them of their own dad! Hey, I attended college too. I know all about Freudian theories on sexuality!

So grab a password to the newest Porn Pros site Jurassic Cock. With it you can also access their many other gems like 18 Years Old, Freaks of Cock and many more.

They add new content daily and they add new sites to the already stellar lineup every couple of months!


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