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Posted By Rhino on 03/04/14 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks

women are lining up to receive their bukkake facials

Kitty found out about the lust filled world of Bukkake facials through a friend. Like most women she spent the majority of her life viewing facials as a crime against women’s suffrage. She even felt that giving a man a blowjob was somehow demeaning to women on account of getting down on your knees to perform the act. Cunnilingus? Oh, she thought it was divine. She loved getting her pussy eaten and never considered the double standard she held true in her mind.

Then one of her high powered friends came along and opened Kitty’s world. How was this confident woman the same person that was demeaning herself by receiving bukkake facials from multiple men at the same time? Kitty was dumfounded until her friend took the time to explain to her that the facial was a give and take proposition for both parties. Besides, if the woman is receiving cum from multiple men at the same time her portion of the proposition is smaller than her male counterparts. Therefore she was the one on top.

That last part, "she was the one on top," was the nail in the coffin for Kitty. A phrase that would play in her mind as she received her second bukkake cum facial from four men. It was Kitty they were all jerking their cocks for and it was Kitty that would enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Just look at the smile on her face as she receives her cum facials!

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Posted By Rhino on 03/02/14 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks

big_cock blowjob cam

Don’t be frightened by that big figure on the lower right side on the screen grab I shot of Jenny. You don’t have to pay $420 to see her amazing blowjob cam shows. All you have to do is pay $3 and you are inside for the entire duration of the show. You can pay more if you want for extra perks like having her send you recorded videos of her live blowjob cams or you can have her scream your name while she cums.

When Jenny isn’t blowing a baseball bat sized dildo she is blowing a baseball bat sized cock on the reality porn site All of her episodes can be downloaded or streamed immediately. Her talents are legendary. You will come away from this a new man.

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