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There is a lot of controversy about whether or not facials are demeaning to women. Obviously the hardcore feminists think they are and the liberals out there think they are just a happy ending to a wonderfully executed blowjob.

My girlfriend recently let me give her a facial for her first time ever. Actually, she kinda gave it to herself since she was the one pointing my cock at her face when it was time to blow my load. Being a first timer she relegated most of the load to her mouth area and chin. I didn’t mind. I was thinking, “What a trooper!”

Seeing your cum load splatter on a girls face and run down onto her tits is amazing. I am not even sure why. Perhaps it is like planting a flag in some uncharted territory and calling it yours.

I am not sure if she will ever do it again, but I do know where she got the idea from. She was watching videos over at Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks. I guess she was surfing my computer after I had walked away and went to a buddies to watch the Laker game.

I will admit. Part of me was not so happy because my dick isn’t the same size as Mr Big’s is. While my dick isn’t small, it isn’t huge either. I could tell my girlfriend saw the jealousy in my eyes.

She suggested we both watch some videos at Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks together and point out what we like. Obviously she liked his big cock and I liked looking at all of the tits and ass. What really surprised me was she liked looking at the tits and ass too!

Why didn’t I ever think of this before? I should have asked her a long time ago if she looked at porn on the computer but always assumed she didn’t and would be mad if she knew I did. Now we are watching Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks episodes at least two or three times a week!

Then I found out she has more fetishes I didn’t know about. I checked her computers history and found her spending lots of time on Bare Foot Maniacs, Lesbian Teen Hunter (what?) and Please Bang My Wife! I am not sure she will ever get her fantasy played out in real life on the last one, but I am damn sure gonna make the first two happen soon!

As a member of you get access to their entire Reality Pass Plus network. Tons of sites in tons of niches you can enjoy with or without your respective other!

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No folks its not a fake cock or some form of photoshop. That massive cock in the picture is as real as the girl holding it and I found it on a site called

Freakish Cocks is home to 1,000’s of HD quality monster cock videos and High Resolution photos. The only problem that a site like has is that when some of the girls see a cock that big they run in fear.

The good thing is that the girls that do stick around make for some of the best hardcore porn you will ever see. So sign up today to Freakish Cocks and starting watching all big cock fucking.

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Well guy there goes another barely legal teen that will never be the same. That means that every single time she wants to fuck it is going to have to be by some massive cock like the one in the picture.

At they have tons of girls like Jackie and Riley that decide that they wanted to get fucked by a big cock. Nowhere else will you find such a collection of the industry’s freshest 18 year old girls.

So get a membership today to Teens Like It Big and watch these teens scream as they try to fit every inch of that huge cock inside of their tight 18 year old pussies.

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