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Posted By Admin on 10/16/19 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks

It’s finally here! After waiting nervously for the package to arrive, it’s D-day, and your product is now sitting on the front porch. Hurriedly, you grab the box to have a feel of what’s inside. Hold on! Before you proceed to the bedroom to ravish your new ‘spouse,’ there is one essential step you’ve got to complete. And this is correctly unboxing your best sex doll.

Fortunately, as partakers of realistic teen sex dolls, we will be taking you through all the subtle steps required to unbox your new love effectively!

Move the Package Carefully to a Room That Has Plenty of Space.

Most first-time consumers are usually taken aback by how heavy a sex doll is. You’ll be surprised to know that most sex dolls weigh around 60-80 pounds, not including the weight of the package. This means that you will have to be super-careful when moving the package from the front porch to a room that has plenty of space for unpacking.

In case you haven’t hit the gym for a while, then it would be ideal to seek assistance from a close friend to help you move the package to the perfect room. Heck, you can even pay the delivery guy extra to lend you the muscle! If you have more questions, you can find all the answers here in sex dolls faq.

Use a Sharp Tool Such as a Box Cutter to Open the Box

Now that you’ve moved the package to a spacious room, it’s time to unpack the box. To do so, use a knife or box cutter to cut along the seams of the package.

Note: Don’t cut too deep because this might damage the sex doll.

Wash Your Hands Before Touching the Sex Doll

Since you plan to move your realistic teen sex doll from the box to the preferred area of storage, it’s wise to do so after wash your hands. This will prevent any dirt from smudging the sex doll’s flawless skin.

Unpack the Doll Starting from the Head

The first item to unpack from the package should be the head. In most boxes, you will find that the head is usually placed on the upper thigh of the sex doll. It is also encompassed in a sphere-shaped packing foam, which you can remove by carefully taking the head out of the bag. After removing the head, place it in a secure position as you begin to unpack other parts of the doll. Once you’ve done the unpacking, you will come back later to attach the head to the body.

Remove Other Accessories Packed in the Box

Depending on the kind of sex doll you’ve bought, you might find other goodies present in the package. These can be items such as cleaning tools, dresses, or a closet system for storing your doll. Proceed to take these items out of the box and place them somewhere secure for future use.

Remove the Sex Doll from the Box

Finally, use a pair of scissors to cut the foam protecting the doll’s body. After doing so, gently lift the doll from the box and place it on the ground; preferably over a clean blanket. Finally, attach the sex toy’s head to the body. And you’re finally good to go!

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Posted By Trendy on 10/04/19 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks

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