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Posted By Rhino on 10/15/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


When it comes to hot girls and big cocks Futanaria has a lock on the genre. A futanari, or hermaphrodite, is a girl that was born with both sets of genitals. They have a cock and a pussy! Watching true futanari is kind of strange and most true hermaphrodites don’t have big cocks so Futanaria added a twist to make it all sexy!

They use real girls with strapon big cocks that shoot bucket loads of cum! You have to watch the Futanaria big cock sword fight video to really see just how insanely hot and kinky this new sub-niche is.


Posted By Rhino on 09/26/11 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


Hey!!! Wooohhhh!!!

Hold on there, Rhino! I am not about to go gay! I love my wife and kids!

I hear ya loud and clear, bro. This isn’t about being gay or ramming your cock up a shemales ass. This is about something even kinkier… and nobody is going to turn gay watching it either.

This hot BABE is Dara from Futanaria. She isn’t a shemale. She has all of her female parts and they were all given to her by God himself. That big cock is a strapon and it is why this site is so fucking kinky that it is insane!

In her self sucking video Dara blows that huge cock while sitting Indian style on her bed. So it’s like watching a blowjob on any other video only there is no hairy dude in the way! Sometimes the chicks double and triple up on each other. Again, no hairy dudes with butt dimples taking up the screen, just hot babes!

Each Futanaria video ends in an extremely messy facial!

So don’t worry… Watching this stuff doesn’t mean you are gay or into shemales. It just means you enjoy watching hot babes suck on big cocks and you get the added benefit of no dudes on screen. If anything it is completely un-gay compared to guy/girl porn!

Watch the "nutty" videos at Futanaria!

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Posted By Rhino on 07/22/11 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


Question: Why did the girl lick her big cock and share it with her friend?

Answer: Because she could!

By now you have heard this same joke told with a dog as the big cock licker. Well, at Futanaria it is the girls that suck on those long schlongs. They are also the ones sporting them!

Futanaria is a mix-and-match between many different niches. Some of them include big tits, blowjobs, lesbians, messy facials, self sucking, uniforms, domination and shemales. I am going to get into the self sucking and shemale part a bit more.

You see, Futanaria is a safe shemale site since the big cocks aren’t actually real. And as for self sucking, who doesn’t want to watch Futanaria videos featuring girls sucking their own 2 foot long cocks?

The girls are always hot and most of them have some nice racks. Watch some Futanaria videos or read the Futanaria definition for more information on this crazy niche!

Posted By Rhino on 04/19/11 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


One of the most beautiful things about the Internet is the diversity of sites you can access. Sites like Futanaria encompass many different genre into one tight, well-done package. You get big cocks, hot babes, big tits, facials, lesbian lust, self sucking… the list goes on!

Just about the only thing you cannot do with Futanaria is put it into a single category. Some guys might like it because it lacks men and their hairy bodies while still cramming huge cock in every orifice. Other guys might enjoy the male aspects of the fact that each girl has a rather large, big cock strap-on and considers it only a step away from tranny. They dream of taking that video ending facial themselves!

No matter what your own personal views of this site are, it is hard to deny that hotties like Loann & Stefani look hot even with the man meat jutting out of their crotch. Deep down inside we all find it irresistibly satisfying to watch these two schoolgirls go at it!

[ Futanaria Videos ] – [ Futanaria Definition ]

Posted By Rhino on 02/25/11 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


Overwhelmingly surfers like you have been searching for a certain niche on my site. That niche is Futanaria. Hot babes using fake cocks to pound, pummel and break on through to the other side!

This is porn for the complete homophobe. You still get to imagine that hot busty brunette sucking on your own meaty cock, only without the hairy dude in the picture. Instead, you get a smoking hot blonde with huge tits!

Big cock sites come and go, but I have a feeling Futanaria is going to be around a good long time!

[ Futanaria Videos ] – [ Futanaria Definition ]

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Posted By Rhino on 12/03/09 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


Here at Cockasourus we ran a poll asking you if you are straight, bi-sexual, gay or female. The results surprised us. Only 40% of our readership was comprised of straight men! We had no idea almost 30% of you would be bi-sexual and that another almost 20% would be gay. By the way, if you are gay, check out Heat Wave Men. And 15% women? Who knew women looked for porn on the Internet? I guess we always assumed you girls were all about sugar and spice and everything nice…

So in light of those numbers the reviews will be mixed up a bit to try and accommodate all of you. Today’s site is Futanaria. Futa-what? Yeah, it took me a few times of saying it out loud before I could pronounce it myself…

Futanaria is all about big cock fantasy. The site features hot chicks sporting mega-sized strapons. Think 2 Big To Be True. Only with hot chicks holding the oversized Mandango meat. Along with not knowing many of you were not straight, we didn’t know tranny porn, especially simulated tranny porn, could be so… hawt!

I have to say, I initially didn’t think much on a sexual level about this kind of stuff. I watched a few videos and my first reaction was that it just plain looked cool to see hot chicks fucking one another and blowing each other off. Then the massive orgasm. Cum shooting out by the bucked load. Classic stuff… Then I noticed my dick twitched!

At this point I realized watching a hot chick getting her cock sucked was hot because I could imagine the hot chick sucking the cock was sucking on me. What the fuck! I am not supposed to be getting this turned on by chicks with dicks!?!?!

Am I?

In any case at $19.95 to join and then just $14.95 to rebill I think I might stick around one more month!

[ Futanaria Videos ] – [ Futanaria Definition ]

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