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Posted By on 11/26/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


Seeing the size of that big black cock in the picture it is easy to see how they can call it Blackzilla.

From the guys that made My Daughters Fucking A Black Dude comes another update from there  other great interracial porn site called My Mom Is Fucking Blackzilla.

This time they were able to get a mother of the girl from their other site, just scroll down and see the last post I made and check her out if you like.

The Milf that is riding away on that massive black cock is Heidi  and we can see where her daughter got the reverse cowgirl postion from.

At MyMomIsFuckingBlackzilla.com you find nothing but the hottest Milfs fucking the biggest cocks on the web. So take a tour and check out their great free trailers  they have for every Mom they fuck.

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I know its not the best picture in the world but what do you expect from a site called MyDaughtersFuckingABlackDude.com.

If you are looking for another cookie cutter interracial site, then you will not like My Daughters Fucking A Black Dude. If you are looking for a site that is 100% unique with exclusive content you will enjoy it.

These guys have some of the biggest black cocks any where and all they do is fuck so called spoiled little princesses that love to spend their daddy’s money.

Each episode on My Daughters Fucking A Black Dude comes with a set of photos so clear you can see that big black dick tearing up that poor white pussy. It comes with a video in HD quality that you can download and watch when ever you want.

So when your ready for a great interracial site that involves black cocks and hot teens check out MyDaughtersFuckingABlackDude.com.

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Posted By on 11/04/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


If you enjoy hot girls that finish off a great fucking session by swallowing a big load, you will love BigMouthfuls.com.

They video tape real amateur girls from all over America and Europe while they are getting their MOUTHS FILLED BY COCK. Most girls think that swallowing is the nastiest thing a girl can do but not these cum hungry whores.

Every week the crew at Big Mouthfuls brings in a brand new amateur girl so she can swallow a nice juicy load all up. Every episode comes with a High Quality video and photo sets.

So check out Big Mouthfuls if you want to see some incredible hardcore amateur porn.

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Posted By on 10/08/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


Every girl likes to think they can handle a big cock and even pornstars do. In fact they started  their own site where they only fuck huge cocks, they call it PornStarsLikeItBig.com.

The only problem is a scene like the one on top usually ends up like the picture below.


Notice the poor girl who just took on a massive dick has to ice down her beat up pussy. While the other two tell her they want The Biggest Dick In Porn. So even if Porn Stars Like It Big, it doesn’t mean they will when they are done being fucked.

So if you want to see cock hungry girls get more then they bargained for. Get a membership to PornstarsLikeItBig.com today and start downloading all the hardcore action you want.

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Posted By on 10/02/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


The look on Heathers face say’s it all. That was the fist time she had a cock that big in her mouth.

Heather normally doesn’t fuck guys with big cocks because her boyfriend doesn’t have one. Then one day she found out her boyfriend was fucking around with his ex and she decided it was time to try that big dick she is always thinking about.

That is when she emailed the guys at Reality Kings and set up a scene with the biggest dick they had. The rest is porn history, if you want to see how Heather handled her fist big cock check out RealityKingsBigDicks.com.

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Posted By on 09/23/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


You see that dark hair beauty in the background, she is upset because that was going to be Her First Big Cock but her friend is cock blocking and wont let her suck on it.

She will be thanking her later seeing how that huge cock is going to tear up any pussy it goes into. I know every slut dreams about Her First Big Cock but I don’t think  they think about the affects of having a 14 inch cock inside of them.

They will never be able to have sex with an average cock because it will never feel the same as when they had that massive cock inside of them. They will also be walking funny for at least a good week.

Just check out HerFirstBigCock.com if you don’t believe me. They have over 100 full length episodes of cock hungry sluts moaning and screaming as they are getting pounded.

They also add a new episode every week in their members area so sign up today and start watching.

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Posted By on 09/20/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


giant black meat with her mouth first, and then slightly moved her fingers down to bang her wet pussy. black dinosaur cock in the black monster cocks for our video cameras!  These are REAL GIANT BLACK dicks, not some fake bullshit black dildos you see at other sites!

Take the tour and get a load of all exclusive interracial action and details of getting your own GiantsBlackMeatWhiteMeat.com password and megapass for 20 others site for the price of one. Outrageous Buy 1 get 20.

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Posted By on 09/06/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


I feel bad for the next guy that has to fuck Madison. There is no way in hell her pussy will ever be the same after her scene with the Monsters Of Cock.

Most of the time girls as flexible as Madison use that position so they can feel a guys cock deep in her pussy but in this case I don’t think she need to do that. Now Ramon’s Monster Cock is going to just destroy her pretty little pussy.

Yes that is a real big cock, its not a Photoshop trick and it is not a plastic dick. Cocks as big as the ones on Monsters Of Cock usually are not attached to men and yet these petite girls cant get enough of them.

The crazy part is that there is more then just one huge dick on the site. They have 7 guys that pack as much meat as the picture above. With cocks that big its no wonder that Monsters Of Cock is full of hot girls and more just waiting for a taste of it.

Don’t believe me that cocks that big exist? Just take a tour of Monsters Of Cock and see it for your self.

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Posted By on 09/01/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


Well I have to say that Mr Big Dicks is one lucky mother fucker. This dude did what I always wanted to do but did not have the balls to do.

He decided to start his own site MrBigDicksHotChicks.com after he seen some porn sites a few years back. They where about some guy that goes out on the streets looking for chicks to fuck and film and he thought he could do a better job.

There is a huge difference between Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks and that site he seen. You will not find any ugly chicks on this site, they only film the hottest girls you will ever see.

Even though MrBigDicksHotChicks.com is a relatively new they already have 1,900 girls and they add a week hot chick every week. With your membership you can get access to all of their HD videos and great photo sets.

So if you cant pull the caliber of girls that he can its ok. Just get your Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks password today and start enjoying all the hot pussy.

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Posted By on 08/27/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


Many guys think that if they had a bigger dick they would be getting ass left and right. They think that they would be able to fuck any hot slut they walked up to. That is not always the case, take the guy from FreaksOfCock.com.

He has one of the biggest dicks ever at 14 inches. About half of the girls that show up for a scene end up leaving because they know that his Freakish Cock will destroy their poor snatches.

The ones who choose to stick around and see how much of it they can take, end up with the biggest reward at the end. A monster sized cum shot that is impossible to swallow in one gulp.

That means the guy from Freaks Of Cock is pulling the same amount of pussy as a dude with a regular cock. The difference is in the quality of girl he his fucking. These sluts worship big cock and will do anything for it, so if he wants to do some anal its not a problem. If he wants to unload on the girls face, that is not an issue either.

Seeing how your cock is not even close to the size of his, you will not be able to pull the cock craving sluts he does. So get a membership to Freaks Of Cock and enjoy them that way.

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Posted By on 08/21/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


I have no fucking clue how Kaya‘s husband can just sit there while his new bride rides a big black cock and shoots a scene for Brides On Blacks.

It almost looks like he is actually enjoying it as much as she is. People always tell me to look at the postivive side of things and after looking at her photos and watching her video I still cant see one.

I have always know that white girls secretly love black cocks, I don’t know what it is about them but they just do. I didn’t know that their was actual couples that wanted to experience that big black cock together.

If you are as baffled as me just check out Brides On Blacks to see what I am talking about. Shit don’t be surprised if you recognize some of the couples on the site.

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Posted By on 08/12/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


Boy am I glad that the slut in the picture is not my lady because She Takes It Black and loves every minute of it. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy some good old interracial fucking as much as the next guy. I just don’t want to have to follow that act up.

For all of you that enjoy watching other guys girlfriends and wives getting fucked by very hung black men, SheTakesItBlack.com is for you. They have girls from all over the world who just love the taste of the huge black dicks.

So take the tour of She Likes It Black and check out all the great interracial porn they have for you. If you want to see more then just the free trailers, they have offer you a 1 day pass for a dollar.

That 1 day pass to She Likes It Black will get you brand new, fully exclusive updates added all the time. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes in length. DVD quality videos that are all downloadable to your hard drive and all videos are encoded in a multitude of different formats and sizes to ensure the best possible viewing quality. There are tons of pictures for you to browse & download as well. So sign up to She Likes It Black today.

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Posted By on 08/05/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks

Giants Black Meat White Treat is the flagship Interracial Porn Site where hottie white girls take on thick, rock hard black cocks.

They found that white slut in the picture at some Junior College walking to class. They asked her if she wanted to make a little extra cash and BAM. Next thing you know she is staring at the biggest dick she has ever seen.

Giants Black Meat White Treat is full of exclusively filmed hot white girls picked up and penetrated by giant black meat, not some fake black dildo. So take the tour and enjoy all the great interracial porn that GiantsBlackMeatWhiteTreat.com has to offer.

The membership is only 5 dollars for a 3 day trial or you can do what I did and just get the full membership it comes out to less then a dollar a day.

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Posted By on 07/25/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


So I was asking my buddy Jay(who is gay) if I am watching a scene and  its a gang bang and one guys cock touches the other guys cock, does that make me gay?

He said "Not, if they are doing double anal." So I guess its ok to watch the scenes at Black Gang White Bang. That is what makes Black Gang White Bang so unique. If you enjoy watching interracial porn then you will love this site.

Every episode at Black Gang White Bang has 4 of the biggest black dicks in the world fucking every possible hole in a hot white girls tight little body. That is one in the mouth, one in her pussy and 2 big black cocks in the bitches ass.

So take a tour of BlackGangWhiteBang.com today and check out the free trailers they give you. If you enjoy something out of the ordinary you will love this site.

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Posted By on 07/14/08 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks


It looks like Flower Tucci just got her self a signature Big Mouthfuls cum stache.

BigMouthfuls.com specializes in taking  a true amateur, giving her a nice meaty cock and telling her to suck it dry and swallow that thick gooy cum.

Most sites claim to have the hottest amateurs on the net, only to have some washed up pornstars acting the roll. Well Big Mouthfuls is where you ca find Real Amateur girls from all over America and Europe getting their mouths filled with man juice.

So get ready to access more then 750 complete full feature videos with your membership to Big Mouthfuls. If you think that I am full of shit just check out the video clips on the main tour.

If quality content of amateur girls swallowing is what your looking for, you will find it at Big Mouthfuls.

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