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Posted By Rhino on 10/15/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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When it comes to hot girls and big cocks Futanaria has a lock on the genre. A futanari, or hermaphrodite, is a girl that was born with both sets of genitals. They have a cock and a pussy! Watching true futanari is kind of strange and most true hermaphrodites don’t have big cocks so Futanaria added a twist to make it all sexy!

They use real girls with strapon big cocks that shoot bucket loads of cum! You have to watch the Futanaria big cock sword fight video to really see just how insanely hot and kinky this new sub-niche is.


Posted By Rhino on 10/01/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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This one is for the ladies and the dudes with an open mind. Lately there has been a growing interest among women when it comes to porn. A decade ago only 4% of porn surfers were women. These days that number has blossomed into 13%. A three-fold increase!

Male surfers primarily search for big tits. Female surfers primarily search for big cocks. Add this to the 19% of gay surfers also looking for big cocks and you have a full one third of the Internet looking for big cock porn!

As shocking as it may seem 29% of the worlds men are bisexual. Maybe it isn’t your thing, but when you add them into the equation you end up with 60% of my surfers finding that big black cock above appetizing.

Find some well hung studs ready to rock your world. If you are a well hung single looking to hookup add profile to their site. Either way, it is going to get you laid a lot more often!

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Posted By Rhino on 09/20/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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Rachel Roxxx isn’t your average big cock loving porn star. She has an insatiable need to choke on the largest cock the porn industry has to offer. It isn’t about the money anymore. She wants to receive a facial from over a thousand different cocks before she retires!

With the advent of the MILF niche it is very possible Rachel will hit her mark. You can follow her progress on these big cock porn sites. At My Porn Diary you become the reviewer. Leave and read reviews on the hottest porn sites on the net.

Sure, you have plenty of candidates when it comes to choosing big cock porn sites. Why not do it in the most informative way?

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Posted By Rhino on 09/14/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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This slutty Latin chick was looking to have sex with a black dude as she wanted to see with her own eyes if what’s said by black guys is true. Well, she wanted to know if they truly have those massive cocks everyone talks about.

The good news for her is that she finally managed to suck upon and ride one of the biggest black dongs ever. Watch her video now to see her mouth spreading widely to get that huge prick deep down her throat. She also took it deep in the slit and she felt she was finally satisfied… it looks like black big dicks are now her specialty.

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Posted By Rhino on 08/27/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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Normally it is a big black cock fucking a skinny white girl but today I have something new for you. Here is a big white cock fucking a black girl in her tight bald pussy.

Even though this black girl has had a terrible boob job she has got a great body and I love how she is spreading her bald pussy lips so she can take the whole length of this cock in her black cunt!

Posted By Rhino on 08/19/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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Most girls in high school that hit 18 years old bang the dad of the kids they sit for because they want to experience a big cock. They are tired of playing with the little noodles the "boys" in school all have.

Seducing The Sitter follows along as couples with an open mind try to pry their sitters legs open with the allure of finally getting their cherries properly popped by a big cock.

In this episode Riley and her hubby get tired of swinging with couples their age and they target their sitter Bryn. At first she is a little shy about the idea. After all, Bryn had never had sex with another girl before. Once she laid eyes on the prize though, Bryn was more than ready to jump on it and throw caution to the wind.

Watch hot MILF have sex with their young babysitters as the man of the house plows his big meaty cock into both babes! Take the tour and view some free videos as the girls whimper while their pussies get stretched!

Posted By Rhino on 07/11/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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It is all fun and games at Whitezilla.com until some teenage girl gets poked in the eye… among other things!

Parker Page was all smiles when she saw the WhiteZilla cock. She had never seen such a big dick on a white man before. Sure Ron Jeremy has a big cock, but it doesn’t get so fucking hard as the WhiteZilla does!

Once Parker got down to business and try to throat the monster cock she learned a big lesson. Pun intended! Watch the video and see her almost toss her cookies as this thing impales her tonsils.

Get all of the big cock videos at WhiteZilla.com. Members also get access to the entire network including 2 Big To Be True. Two black brothers with cocks so big they almost touch inside a girls body parts!

Posted By Rhino on 07/10/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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Such a tight little ass, such a big cock, surely this can not happen???

This girl must have a high pain thresh hold as she can take this whole big cock in her tiny ass. This is a great anal sex photo from a porn video where this model rides this massive dick with her tight pussy then she sits on his cock with her ass and lets him fuck her so hard she screams!

Got to love girls who love to fuck hard! I just wish it was me fucking her in the ass and not this guy, but at least someone is doing it with her 🙂

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Posted By Rhino on 07/06/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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Blonde coed hottie Chloe always wanted to travel to Jamaica. She heard everybody talks all funny and they smoke a lot of pot… and the men are all hung like horses! The only problem is she doesn’t have enough money to make the trip!

So these two homeboys decided to bring Jamaica to her!

Chloe did a lot of talking at the outdoor deli, but once she got home and those homeboys gave the bitch their bones she was shocked. Their cocks were 2 Big To Be True!

One of the girls at Chloe’s school showed her a picture of a black man’s cock on her cell phone, but Chloe thought it was fake. There was no way it could possibly hang all the way down to his knees! Unfortunately for her and her holes it was true and if you listen to the video hard enough you can almost hear their cock heads bonking together as they mix this bitches insides up!

Get more big cocks that are 2 Big To Be True at the only site using real cocks to pork these bitches!

Posted By Rhino on 05/24/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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So I am kicking it with some buds, and a few of them have some of their chicks with them, and we are playing poker. One of the guys asks about my blogs and if I had ever heard of this bitch named Katelynn. I tell this dude that I see chicks all fucking day long. After a while they kind of just blend in together.

He keeps going on and on about this chick. Tells me about how she looks like she could be the kid sister of actress Rachael Carpani from the TV series Cane. While I like Latin women just as much as the next guy into phat booty, I really wanted to tap that Australian Sheila’s ass!

Anyway… I knew who Rachael Carpani is and I didn’t know who Katelynn was. The room erupted in laughter. Everybody thought I was in the wrong industry. Hearty-har-har…

This is where things got a little freaky. One of the girls blurts out that she is from FTV Girls. The guys are shocked. How does this chick know about FTVGirls.com?

She says a girlfriend at work showed her the video in question on her phone.

"The guy had a really big cock!" She defended herself.

Ah… I had forgotten that FTV Girls had hardcore on there. Usually it is hot babes and girl next door chicks masturbating or having sex with each other. I had in investigate!

I renewed my old membership and they even gave me a deal for being a returning member. Nice bunch of guys!

There she was…


Not exactly Rachael. But she could pass as her kid sister for sure!

And boy-oh-boy can she suck a mean cock!

Watch the entire video and get all of the other videos going back almost a decade! FTV Girls started shooting in high definition from the beginning. Back when HDTV’s hadn’t even come out yet. The files are huge so it is a good idea to start several downloading while you watch!

Oh… and here is a tip: When you cancel they give you a second chance offer to stay a member at a lower price. So get in… Start downloading and if you can’t get your fill in a month, renew for another for less!

Posted By Rhino on 04/13/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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When Maxine laid eyes on her daddies friend she had an instant infatuation with him. You could say that she was smitten. Maxine is one of those girls that likes big things. She made her daddy buy her a Hummer because a Lexus just wouldn’t do. This liking for all things big transcends into men too!

Along with big strong arms and a manly chest Maxine enjoys guys that have big cocks. Which is why she instantly liked her daddies friend. You could say that she has a natural dowsing rod for finding big cocks and it must be buried deep inside her body because she is always shoving cocks into her pussy to find the ultimate fit!

Big Cock Teen Addiction follows teens with a need to fill that gap between their legs with the biggest cocks they can find. Girls like Maxine get filled and drilled with the industries most massive monster cocks on a weekly basis.

Along with BigCockTeenAddiction.com you also get unlimited access to the All Reality Pass network. Sites include Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks, Seducing The Sitter, Tiny’s Black Adventures, Teeny Bopper Club and a whole lot more!

Don’t buy a membership to another single site when you can get the entire enchilada for one low price with the All Reality Pass!

Posted By Rhino on 03/20/12 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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Don’t let a woman’s politeness fool you when it comes to the discussion about cock size. Size really does matter. The bigger the better! Sure, they might not always want a huge cock that turns their uterus on its side, but every now and then, they want to go big! SUPER BIG!

At Big Dicks Tight Fits they go big or go home. If a guy shows up to the set packing a pencil dick he is not going to make it into that days video. Girls at Big Dicks Tight Fits show up to experience handling the biggest cocks in the industry!

Everything was kosher for Stephani until it was time to try and deep throat this guys meat rope. She practically strangled herself as his wide girth meat got lodged in the poor girls throat!


When it was time to work his juicy dick into her tight snatch things got a little heated as friction built up. Soon, however, her natural lube kicked in as her excitement peaked. She had never ridden a cock this large before and it felt amazing!

Well, until he started thrusting his tool balls deep in her tightness. You can actually see her uterus pushing against her stomach wall as he crams her full of his big cock meat!

The Reality Gang is giving you exclusive access to their entire network for one low price. Sites like Big Dicks Tight Fits make this pass a keeper. Your pass also includes more big cock sites like the Donger Bros!

Get the full video at Big Dicks Tight Fits!

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Who is this guy getting his 9 inch big cock sucked by Tasia Banx?

Ahh… I should have guessed. The Jurassic Cock himself, Ron Jeremy!

Hey, say what you will about this old fart, he has banged more hot babes with that nine inch cock of his than you ever will… and he still is. LOL

Ladies in porn have been blessed with the edition of the MILF genre. Before the Reality Kings made MILF a household term with their site MILF Hunter nobody wanted to see older ladies in their porn. These days that has all changed… but why should women be the only ones getting a second lease on their porn life?

With Jurassic Cock it is the guys turn. They unleash their big cocks on young pussy and let nature hash it all out. You are probably thinking the only reason these girls are sucking that old cock is to make some cash. Well, that is half true. But just look at Michael Douglas. At age 67 he is still hanging one of the hottest babes in Hollywood!

Some girls have a thing for older men!

True story… I went to help my daughter out with some paperwork at her college the other day. While waiting in line a couple of girls walk up and start getting chatty. Then one of them just comes out with it… She wanted to know if I wanted to take her out. WTF?

I am telling you. Certain girls have a mold in their head for what the perfect guy is and it isn’t somebody that is tall dark and handsome. It is somebody that reminds them of their own dad! Hey, I attended college too. I know all about Freudian theories on sexuality!

So grab a password to the newest Porn Pros site Jurassic Cock. With it you can also access their many other gems like 18 Years Old, Freaks of Cock and many more.

They add new content daily and they add new sites to the already stellar lineup every couple of months!

Posted By Rhino on 12/18/11 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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Aletta Ocean is one freaky bitch. When she isn’t making porn on her own site she is making porn on somebody else’s. It is nice to get her fisting stuff and her double penetration stuff at AlettaOcean.com, but it is also nice to get her, plus 100’s of other models, at Freaks of Cock.

One look at this video and it is painfully obvious that this slut has a thing for big cocks. We are talking monster sized cocks even Amazonian women would consider too big!

After each and every orifice has had its fill it is time for the massive cum blasting to commence. In seconds the ladies are splattered with gallons of white goo. Some are disgusted while others take the time to lick it all up!

Get your Freaks of Cock pass and start enjoying the entire Porn Pros network for one low price. They have a massive variety when it comes to niches and they aren’t afraid to make that crazy shit nobody else has the balls to make!

Now ask yourself… Do you have the balls to view it?

Posted By Rhino on 12/12/11 - Bookmark Cockasourus All Big Cocks
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Is this little girl even old enough to shoot porn? I guess its too late to ask questions now. Lil Candy is enjoying her two-fisted blowjob and she wants you to enjoy it too!

LilCandy.com is all new and re-launched. Candy is both the brains and the beauty of the site. While nobody can dispute this barely legal teens beauty, her brain wasn’t up to handling… all that is… required… shit… I guess she is adept and handling things judging by the picture above…

Anyway… She added all of her videos from back when she was just 18 years old and updates with more every week. Lil Candy does web cam shows where you can direct her every move. So who about it? Want to give this girl some cock?

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I love watching that hung black man take total control of that horny milf. She will demand he ram her in all those sweet holes but ultimately it’s his choice just how long she takes it for. With so many xxx rated interracial videos to choose from it’s good to know these milfs are always up for more big black cock sex!

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